Jordana Corenblum

Intern Counsellor

Jordana, a longtime educator and youth worker, recently graduated with a Masters of Counselling Psychology. She has teamed up with Ciel in the transition between completing her graduate studies and embarking on her professional path as a registered clinical counsellor. Her approach is strength-based, open-minded, and authentic.

Jordana has worked extensively with people of diverse ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Her counselling approach is highly adaptable to each person’s specific needs. Working with teens, youth, and young adults is one of her specialites; another is family counselling with parents and children. Post partum concerns are another area of interest for Jordan. With a focus on encouragement, Jordana believes that wellness is deeply tied to feelings of connectedness and to community engagement. She works with clients to build resiliency and resources, to restore self-empowerment, and to find an increasing sense of fulfillment.




Wednesday Morning





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Jenny Simpson

Intern Counsellor

Jenny works to support, advocate for and assist her clients in finding new ways of understanding in their lives.  She has studied Narrative Therapy, Trauma Informed Therapy, and is very much interested in exploring how our personal narrative can affect our relationships and through exploring them, illuminate our potential. 

She is currently researching Post Traumatic Growth and has endeavored to find hope in every situation since she can remember. Fostering resilience and building a strength based approach is part of her practice. Her influences are: Gabor Mate, Peter Levine, Pema Chodron and Vicki Reynolds to name a few.

Jenny was a teacher for 13 years and has worked in a variety of settings such as alternative and aboriginal programs. Social justice, equality and human rights are at the core of her belief system and affect all that she does.  

In her spare time she volunteers with Rainbow Refugees and participates in a community garden. She is a dog lover and a cat parent and likes to get lost the woods as often as possible.